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Geraldine Molia's oeuvre is recognisable by the juxtaposition of a botanical mapping with geometrical forms. 

The vibrant nature represents the artist's emotional landscape, the accumulation of the artist's family history, body memory, encounters, disappointments, dreams, beliefs, separations and successes, everything that can shape a human being. This inner world constantly evolves in the light of her life experience, often hidden from the external world, sometimes even from herself. By contrast, the geometrical forms emphasise the external world, metaphors of standardised elements of architecture such as the brick, window or skylight.

The overlap of landscape with architecture comes from the artist experience living from the age of 10 in a hotel. For over a decade, Molia navigated within the thin boundaries of the public and the private, inside and outside, physical architecture and the architecture of the soul, sometimes interlocking in an abrupt way. This way of living allowed the artist to meet people from all around the world but also highlighted a strong sense of intrusion. Her work explores this link between her inner world and the pursue of a preserved 

architectural space that anchors memories and acts as a frame, a cocoon.


Physical and non-physical boundaries shape the human mindset with a far-reaching impact on everyday lives, collective identities and society at large. The architecture of the soul and the physical Architecture guide us to navigate the world in both intimate and practical aspects. An exploration between our very own uniqueness and everyone's need for a protective dwelling.

Molia’s works are held in private collections in the UK, Switzerland, France, Belgium, Spain, The USA and The Netherlands. She has been exhibited across the UK and Europe. Molia is a Franco-British visual artist and art educator. Born in France in 1984, she currently lives in London and works in an architectural practice.

We find beauty not in the thing itself but in the patterns of shadows, the light and the darkness

that one thing against another creates.


Jun'ichiro Tanizaki

In Praise of Shadows


The hands want to see,

the eyes want to caress


Johann Wolfgang

Von Goethe


Architecture is essentially

an extension of nature

into the man-made realm,

providing the ground for perception

and the horizon of experiencing 

and understanding the world


Juhani Pallasmaa

The Eyes of the Skin


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