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Geraldine Molia is a Franco-British visual artist and art educator. Born in France in 1984, she currently lives and works in London.

Molia evokes an abundant and eternal nature glorified by touches of copper leaves, an heirloom precisouly kept for the future generations. However, the subtle use and unpredictable result of homemade organic inks underline a certain sense of fragility, a threat of disappearance. The tension within this poetic cabinet of wonders echoes the current increasingly disruptive weather conditions due to climate change. Thus Molia hopes to seed a conversation by inviting the viewers to question their own involvement in how to preserve the environment.

This glorified nature is also personally used during Molia's autohypnosis practice. She imagines being surrounded by botany while projecting positive thoughts. These visualisations enhance concentration, imagination and general well-being.

Molia’s works are held in private collections in The UK, Switzerland, France, Belgium, Spain, The USA and The Netherlands. She has been exhibited across the UK and Europe.  


Molia received a BA in Art History (Tours, France - 2005) and an MA in Cultural Projects Management (Paris - 2007).

She is an active ArtCan member since 2017, an organisation that enables artists to find their voice and sustain their practice.