Geraldine's natural and minimalist artworks play with light and the natural world - the result is so beautifully unique. I am delighted to own one of her pieces.

Private collector, Spain

I love Geraldine's work so much,

it is probably illegal.

Cantal Lindsay, artist.

A clever and colourful mix of abstraction and real elements inspired from Mother Nature makes these paintings highly attractive, decorative and unique.

An endless pleasure for the eyes.

Private collector, Switzerland.

Geraldine has a unique and gentle touch within all her work. Despite this apparent fragility each and everyone has a vibrancy and strength that is expressive and enticing.

Kate Enters, Director,  Founder & Trustee of ArtCan

Delicacy and warmth emanate from

Geraldine's paintings. Her work celebrates nature, life, the living. The rough coexists with the finesse. Fabulously poetic.

Private collector, France

Geraldine's art makes me travel to a magnificient uninhabitated planet.

This is a truly ecological art.

Private collector, The Netherlands.

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