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St Agnes, from a Brutalist church to a cultural hub.

During my visit in Berlin in April 2018, I discovered a rather quirky church, St Agnes is a stunning Brutalist building situated in the Berlin's Kreuzberg neighbourhood.

Built in 1967 by German architect Werner Düttmann, the director of urban development for West Berlin, the Catholic complex was falling appart when Johann König, a prominent local art dealer, acquired the edifice in 2011. He was determined to transform the neglected building into a cultural hub. Today, the complex houses the König Galerie, some private apartments, a restaurant and an architectural firm.

The tower bell is a pure gem: the concrete walls welcome an eclectic collection of works of art. The settings are dramatic as the only source of natural light comes from the skylight - if you have the vertigo, this is the occasion to beat your fear!

Pictures: Geraldine Molia


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